Tips From The Mediterranean In A Heatwave

It comes but once a year and lasts anything up to three days. Yes, the good old British heatwave can turn us into a melting pot of uncomfortable with your Facebook timeline filled with comments about how hot it is. But don’t let it. Do what the Mediterraneans do…

Close The Curtains

SunlightHave you ever been on holiday, walked into a place and thought, ‘Why is it so dark?’ That’s because those who live in sunshine blessed countries are savy when it comes to keeping the sun out. Keeping sunlight out of the home will help on your return from a hard day at the office.

Think what it is like when you get into a hot car after it has been sunning itself in the car park in 25 degrees plus. The sun magnifies through the glass and keeps the heat in (remember your physics lessons at school???).

Start The Day With Some O2

Front image_drinking-waterCaffeine is lovely. We cannot get enough of it in this country. However starting your day with it may be the wrong way of doing it, especially if it is hot.

Begin your day with at least a 250 ml glass of room temperature water. Not only will this boost metabolism but refresh your skin and you! Even starting with a green tea is a bonus. Try this for a week and see the difference.

Wear A Vest

Right, now I know this may have just deployed the ‘fashion police’ but stay with me. We all have that picture of the local dude on holiday who happily displays his vest through his shirt. Whether it be the cab driver, the man selling us coconuts on the beach or the person behind the hotel reception. Wearing a vest is up there with the VPL. It is not a bad thing.

No-one likes a sweaty Betty and with the lack of Air Con in this country it makes sense. Many who work in the emergency services wear a ‘wicking’ material that can help keep the moisture at bay and stay cool at the same time. Many garments use the same technology in gym wear (Clim-a-cool). OK, you make look like your grand parents but hey at least you’ll look cool…

Sleeping At Night

sleepingI don’t know about you but I cannot sleep with a fan on. After spending a few years living abroad trying to sleep with a fan going or worse the A/C unit really gave me the worst nights sleep. Ever. If you like it cool and quiet try sleeping on a stone or un-carpeted floor. There is nothing more refreshing than waking up without a sweat on.

Before you hit the sack (or floor) place a wet flannel over your face, drink plenty of water or grab a shower. Some like to wear wet clothes before sleeping. Unless you want to catch hypothermia then don’t bother. You body will naturally adjust.

Many of the Town Or Country serviced properties have a balcony or garden for you to enjoy. YOLO!

More Drinks

For our Indian guests our ‘heatwave’ is a winter’s day for them. With temperatures in Dehli reaching up to 45 degrees they are masters at keeping cool. There are lots of drinks specially thought up to keep your body cool – like yoghurt lassi, raw mango panna, and fresh lime soda. Lovely!


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