Meet The Team – Biscuit, resident hamster!

We like you to meet the face behind the voice…or in this case the squeak.

BiscuitWhat do you like about you role at Town Or Country?

Meeting all the new guests, especially the children.

Tell us about yourself in FIVE words:

Adorable, hairy, friendly, energetic and a self-confessed diva

If you could pick a favourite destination in Southampton where would it be and why?

I love to chew my way through books, my director’s book shelf is my fav!

Why do you think people should choose Town Or Country over a hotel?

I know what it’s like to be confined to one box room, it’s not great! A whole apartment, what more could these people ask for!?

You have landed on a desert island – you are allowed ONE song and ONE item and ONE photo, what would they be?

One song- My cousins Alvin, Simon and Theodore’s Album is my current can’t live with out.

One Item- It would have to be my excursive ball, I have worked too hard my these thighs to let them go!

One Photo- Nina aka Director/my mum ❤


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