Places To See The Cowes Week Fireworks (without being there!)

Every year the south coast is treated to a feast of fireworks after Cowes Week. With another sailing event for the summer about to end you can watch the light fest from the comfort of your own travellers chair…

COWES, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 17: Fireworks during day seven of the Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week on August 17, 2012 in Cowes, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom. (Photo by Getty Images for Aberdeen Asset Management)
(Photo by Getty Images for Aberdeen Asset Management)


Situated between Gosport and Fareham from here you can practically see Cowes from the promenade. It is the place where everyone will be later so arrive early and be prepared for delays getting in and out – there are only two main roads in!


On the Southampton side Calshot is within ‘spitting’ distance of the Island. Located not far from Hythe you’ll be the closest of any of our choices but again with only limited routes in prepare for tailbacks.

Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth

It is the furthest point to view tonight’s festivities yet will offer a great view at night across the south coast. Friday’s get busy up there with modded motors and the motorbike squads but don’t let that put you off. Money is essential to enjoy a world famous Mick’s Monster Burger…

Red Funnel Ferry

Red FunnelIf you have your sea legs attached Red Funnel ferries offer various ways to catch the fireworks on board their vessels. Some of the locals like to jump on the car ferry or Red Jet which has to manoeuvre through the flotilla of boats in order to catch a glimpse of the light show.  And we mean a lot of boats!

There is a special cruise laid featuring 80’s legend Timmy Mallet – more on that HERE


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