Why Serviced Apartments Are Good For Solo Travellers


All That Space!

There is nothing better than parading around your castle in your comfy clothes. You can watch what you want, cook what you want and quite frankly do what makes you happy. Our serviced properties are fully equipped for cooking and to entertain. Our luxury beds are perfect to sleep in whatever position you want giving you the perfect opportunity to do the bed equivalent of ‘snow angels’.

Get in, get up when you want

Hotels can be like your mother. They knock on the door when you don’t want disturbing, clean your room when it didn’t need doing and throw back the curtains whilst you are sleeping. OK, so the latter only really happened when when you were a teenager. Never with us, we work to your timetable. So, if you don’t need the bed changing or the property cleaned we won’t*. Your space. Your time.

Pet Friendly

It’s always hard leaving your furry friend behind when you hit the road. When the only thing on your mind is those big round puppy eyes looking up at you as you close the door it is hard to be parted from them. Some of our properties allow pets, to keep you company along the way. We’re not asking you to act out a scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective or Noah’s Ark – just give us a call on booking, we’ll look after you all.

Somewhere to park your pride & joy

You work hard for your wheels not for it to be parked a few streets away wondering what state it will be in when you get to it in the morning. We’re not suggesting the areas we live in are bad, far from it, but we know you want your vehicle nearby. Most of our serviced properties come with secure and off-road parking so you can have a even better night’s sleep. When you pick up the keys we’ll give you an information pack including parking permits and directions.

Your own adventure

Sometimes you just want to take off and leave the world behind. Go on an adventure, if just for a day. Our serviced properties are located in some of the south coast’s most stunning settings. We are the festival capital with Bestival, Isle Of Wight Festival and Victorious all party of the music scene.

Why not take a stroll through the New Forest, a blat across the Solent on a speed boat or take a leisurely cruise to the Isle Of Wight on the ferry. There is plenty to do and with most of our staff being from the area we can give you a helping hand and point you in the right direction.

*Toilet brushes are provided. Just saying.


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