Alternative Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers. There are only so many years you can put up with the leaping frog, the nail clippers or if you went posh one year the nail scrubber that will double up as a moustache. We seek out some alternatives.

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  1. Bingo Crackers – No need for the cheesy jokes about chickens crossing the road, instead grab your dabbers and scream, ‘House!’. Careful not to wake up the grandparents…
  2. Balloon Modelling – We’ve all had a go with a normal balloon yet trying create a poodle just ain’t cutting the mustard. With these Game modelling balloons you can make that sausage dog you always dreamed off.
  3. No.7 – The make up and cosmetics range from Boots now comes in a cracker form. And lads, for the record, they do good deals at Christmas (Mix n Match). Women love this sort of thing…
  4. Eco Crackers – Made from recycled paper (obvs) not only will you get a hat, candy cane and a badge you will also get a joke…probably recycled too.
  5. Frozen – You’ve watched the DVD to death, it’s now time to add more merch to your toy box. Colouring books, activities and stickers are all included.
  6. Woodland Silk – You mum will certainly love these. Made from materials that can be washed and reused these crackers come with a chocolate and small gifts.
  7. Drinks By The Dram – The office party just got worth it. These adult crackers offer a festive delight to spice up many a doo. The spirits include Arran Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Bathtub Gin, Rum Bullion, Spiced Rum, Smooth Ambler, Old Scout, 7 Year Old Straight Bourbon, Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Festive Sloe Gin and Cherry Brandy. Step away from the photocopier…


Ben Glover





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