What Serviced Properties Give You Hotels Can’t

The serviced property route for your stay has always been a quality option, especially for those who are bored of staring at four walls with costly WiFi and hidden charges found in many hotels. Town or Country gives you the best reasons to stay with us.

The Views

Many of our serviced properties, from one bedroom studio apartments to 5 bedroom houses are located in stunning and perfectly placed areas of Southampton and Portsmouth. All with a 3-4 star rating.

View Collage
Terrace views

There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and relaxing on the balcony or terrace with views overlooking the water. Many of our homes are in the idealistic marinas of the south coast offering that ‘holiday’ feel or maybe the metropolitan in you loves a view of the city. We can do that.

The Space

If it is just a good night’s sleep you want then the tiny box room of a 2 star hotel will be perfect for you. If you want a good night’s sleep along with spacious living areas, a fully equipped kitchen, housekeeping service to work to your schedule then we are the one. Plus you have the option of secure parking, 24 hour call out service and anew-start secure lock box should you arrive out of hours.

Checking in and checking out could not be easier, most of which can be done on-line prior to your arrival. All relevant documents and keys are dedicated to your property making the whole process easy right from the start.

And why not bring the family or even the pets. We have dedicated properties waiting for you, all without the thin walls and noise you would get from a hotel.

Dedicated Discount Card

Your hotel may have a loyalty bonus scheme but how often does it benefit you? With us the loyalty is reflected in the service and the price. We have an exclusive Discount Card offering up to 30% off food, drink and entertainment giving scope to make the most of your stay no matter how long you are with us. Into your fitness? Ask us about our gym partner discount package.

Local Knowledge

Our staff are from all walks of life which makes the staying process flow cater for all your needs. The Town or Country team pride themselves on high values and giving you the best experience of a stay.

The Emirates Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

We know being away from home can be hard that is why with our expert local knowledge we can find the right activity for your any night of the week. From tea shops to local bars, the theatre and restaurants we are on it.

Our social media platforms via Twitter, Facebook and our blogs jam packed offering plenty to do in the vicinity and surrounding areas.

You Can Be You

ALL our properties come with luxury beds, linen, sofas and even reading chairs just waiting to hug you after a busy day. It is a time to step away from hectic life that we all lead and a chance to relax, read or browse via the fast free broadband. A space for you to be you. Just what you are looking for.


We do more. Find out about our luxury experience HERE


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