Love. How To Keep It Simple

515Love. Four letters than mean so much. We put so much effort into it often we can go too far, less is more. We’ve tried and tested and asked our guests the question, ‘In what way would they like to be wowed with love?’

Love Notes

Just one little note with one simple sentence could be the best night cap anyone could ever have. Keeping it simple, from the heart and being a little bit old fashioned is always a winner.

Flowers v’s Chocolates

Again, we love the old school vibe when it comes to the above but have roses gone out of fashion? One of our guests said she loved lilies over roses because of the colour and smell, roses didn’t look their best after three days.

When it comes to chocolates choose wisely. A pack of supermarket own may look pretty but what are you really saying? If it is going to be one box splash out on the posh stuff.

Food Hampers

One on one intimacy goes a long way and when you have made an effort it goes a long way. How about an afternoon tea for two? Pop in to your local supermarket, grab the cakes, make the sarnies and place into a nice decorated wicker basket nicely laid out. Then when the time comes serve up on stacked tea plates and deliver. Be mindful to their dietary requirements (gluten/dairy free, low sugar) as this always scores good points.




If you have created something from scratch it has come from the heart. Ready meals and takeaways? No way. Make your own.

Then lay out the table, fire up the candles and cuddle up with a hearty pudding (home made of course). It will take an effort but the rewards will be fruitful!


You Time

Switch off the Wifi, park the mobile and make a nest. Having QT on the couch watching your favourite movie with snacks to hand is a winner. Go one better, bring down the mattress into the living room.

Ben Glover


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