Serviced Accommodation Benefits

For anyone that is used to hotels you will know that it comes with limitations; a small space, time restrictions, a lack of privacy.

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Serviced Accommodation takes in the fact that it’s your space, your time. There are plenty of properties in various sizes to cater for your everyday needs giving you the chance to be who you want to be. Here are more reasons to try.

  1. Roam In Space

The beauty of a serviced property is that the space is your’s. With hotel rooms on average 18 – 22m squared all of our living rooms are bigger than this. For example in our historic South Western House apartments just the living area is 21′ x 17′. And that is not before you have seen the bedrooms.

2. Privacy Guaranteed

All serviced properties have secure entrances that can only be activated with a dedicated key fob. Many exclusively house a Concierge on hand to help and if they are not around we are…24 hrs a day. This makes entertaining with guests or having family stay easier and gives peace of mind.

3. Ideal For Business or Leisure

Location is important and that is why many serviced properties are placed near to city hubs, transport link and places of interest. Whether you are cooking for guests on a short business trip, having friends over to socialise there is space in your property to do it. With modern comfortable furniture to relax into we are the perfect choice.

There is nothing better than having a decent nights sleep before the big meeting and waking up refreshed without any pressures of having to check-out. With fast and free WiFi in every room you can work on that presentation wherever you are.

4. Comfort

As well as the delightful comfortable furniture our sleeping spaces have beds you just want to spend all day in, linen that is of the highest quality and best of all we’ll change it for you. Our Housekeeping Team work to your timetable so you can have us whenever is convenient.

5. Relax

After a long day there is nothing better that relaxing in front of the TV or unwinding with a good box set. All our entertainment systems are HD/Freeview wide screen TV’s and with a DVD player. Our fast FREE broadband WiFi connections make browsing and downloading simple – great for any business tripper. Some of our properties give the option to connect your smartphone or tablet to a sound system so you can enjoy your own soundtrack.

6. Living Your Life

When living with someone you tend to live in each other’s pockets. With a serviced property you have separate rooms, a master bathroom and a space to relax on your own. All kitchens come fully equipped when cooking and we can even fill your fridge with various food packs to cater for your needs. Then enjoy from the water views of the balcony or family sized dining area.

7. The Extra Mile

We have many services that are exclusive to you the guest including a dining ‘Discount Card’ offering a generous amount of money off a wide variety of restaurants in close location to your serviced property.


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