Fun For Virtually Free! Strawberry picking

As lovely as our serviced properties are on the south coast we have so much to see out and about and virtually for free! Strawberry picking is under rated. Here’s why.

Pickwell Farm Shop.JPG

We’ve just come back from a life moment. A moment that saw the family together as a unit, having fun and with not a smart device in sight (if only for capturing the moment). Pickwell Farm, near Bursledon, Southampton each year gives the ultimate summer opportunity to pick the finest fruit and vegetables.

Myself, the wife and our two boys (aged 10 and two respectively) wait every year in anticipation for the giant strawberry to appear roadside indicating that the fruit was ready to be picked. It is just not the same driving past in the winter seeing the symbol of summer tucked away behind the hedges.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the car park was getting full. There is something special about driving down a farm track to the field, it felt like a mini holiday. The choice of small or large pummets gives you the chance to fill it up with as many of the best red strawberries of the day. Challenge set.

We follow the signs to the field where groups of people frantically search for the red gold hoping for a juicy one, having a cheeky nibble on the way. I find myself brushing aside green leaves and lifting shrubs like I’m wading through the jungle in order to find my treasure. Both boys are on a mission with the eldest going for the biggest in his box. All sizes, all shapes we are happy.


No.2 has dropped his collection and it is like the end of the world. He has made such an effort with his first time pick that we quickly gather the sprawl and place back in its rightful vessel. We are now three boxes full and dreams of these locally grown products smothered in cream for tea later poor smiles on our faces.

Back to the farm shop where we pay for the afternoon’s findings, surprisingly cheap. Ultimately we have bonded, if only for an hour and come away with a smile on our faces. Oh, and the strawberries were lovely!

Ben Glover


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