Why Your Family Should Choose Town or Country

Summer is done yet half term is rapidly approaching. With your beautiful family expanding and space becoming limited it can be quite a stress to work out where everyone is going to stay. You don’t really want to stay in someone else’s double bed and it is far too cold for a camp site; we have the alternative. Or perhaps you are relocating and your new home is not ready?

An example of one of our serviced properties.
Many people associate the ‘serviced accommodation’ industry with that of a hotel. Sure, the properties are maintained and kept by a team of dedicated housekeeping professionals but it is so much more that that.

Our serviced accommodation in Southampton  ranges from studio apartments to town houses with plenty of options in  between, giving the maximum range to suit a budget that is getting ever tighter. What is more our family independent business, now in it’s 50th year, knows the importance of family quality time and special moments.

A few benefits of our Southampton serviced accommodation


Have the privacy of your own serviced property, spacious rooms and a place to be a family. With a fully equipped kitchen space and dedicated area for dining we can ensure you can enjoy a moment around the table, like it used to be.

With all properties serviced by our housekeeping team you can tell us the best time to replenish. Many hotels cannot offer this, we work to YOUR timetable.


Not only will our luxurious bed be the perfect resting place after a long hard day, our sofas are equally as divine. With our large widescreen TVs taking centre stage accompanied by Freeview there is a chance to catch up on many of your favourite programmes.

With fast free high speed broadband in all properties your PC, tablet and smartphone will love it’s stay too.

Quality Time

Our serviced properties are spacious enough for a rainy day. While the kids enjoy a board game why not select a book from our vast library and relax. We can supply to best locations to have fun and take in for when the sun comes out. With Hampshire’s gorgeous coast line and stunning greenery there is always something to do.

Whats more, with our exclusive Discount Card, dining out will suit all budgets in some of the south coast’s finest eateries.

Close Links

There is no need to rush. Stacking up the car, trying to beat the traffic let alone the sat nav is all a stress. Leave early, stay a few nights before. All our serviced properties are within close links to public transport, airports and cruise terminals. And if it gets a bit messy we’ll tidy the place up.

We are a home from home, the hotel alternative, let us take the strain while you out your feet up. Find out more by clicking here

 Nina Batley



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