The Halloween Alternative

Halloween. It is not for everyone. If you are staying in on of our Southampton serviced apartments why not have an alternative party? Something you definitely couldn’t do if you were staying in a hotel.

Light Party


Halloween is traditionally all about ‘the dark side’. Reverse the trend and go for the other. Many churches throw a light party to celebrate All Saints Day on Halloween eve. By decorating your home with various lights and lamps it can be a great source of fun for the kids. Why not attach the disco ball to the ceiling, pin the fairy lights to the fence and reach for the lasers in the living room. Don’t forget the UV face paint – always a winner. With the biggest party tunes of the year, it’ll be more boogie than spookie.

Leaf Raking

If the kids are full of sugar and you are looking for that burn, leaf raking not only will help towards that goal but is fun at the same time. Many elderly neighbours could use your help with raking each year. Not only could this be fun with the odd leaf ball fight but it can contribute to helping others. Then when done pop along to Krispy Kremes for an Apple doughnut.

Treat Bags

Everyone loves a treat bag. What could be more fun than popping to friends or family and leaving a little treat on the doorstep? Fill bags with homemade biscuits, sweets and a little something to read. Or why not hand out after your light party.

Car Booty!


Inspired by the family area of Bestival, whereby a van is placed in the camping area for kids to decorate why not do the same on your drive?

Clearly, the matt gloss paint can stay in the garage but why not pop open the boot, decorate and fill it with goodies. Create some Autumn crafts to stick to the windows or build a path for the ‘trick or treaters’ that leads to the boot of goodies!

Bake Off

Yes, that TV show that has suddenly taken the UK’s hearts could be turned into a fun party. The rules are simple: the create something with pumpkin, apple, and (for the adults) cider. And that’s it. Then pile into a kitchen, vote for the best and devour. It’s all good bonding fun and who doesn’t love eating?! Need a judge? You can find out address on our website

Which of these will you be trying this year? Let us know in the comments, along with any other alternative Halloween ideas you have.

Nina Batley


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