3 Hidden Secrets Of Southampton (you must visit!)

Did you know our serviced apartments in Southampton are uniquely placed and surrounded by many hidden gems? Here are three you must visit in the Southampton area.

The Dancing Man Brewery


This decadent micro brewery produces some of the city’s finest of beers. Located at town key (opposite the Red Funnel ferry terminal) the former wool house built in 1338 is the only freestanding medieval warehouse standing in Southampton.

Inside you’ll step back in time, down a home-grown pint and enjoy some fine dining from the menu.

The University Botanical Garden

Highfield Campus is already a gem for academic culture. Many students now about the streams, stunning wildlife and the ‘Lover’s Lane’ passage which leads onto Avenue campus and the Common. But did you know tucked away behind the sports hall is a gorgeous botanical garden, so well hidden that students are often surprised to discover its existence despite walking past it every day.

You will enter a gate which marks the border between the student’s union and the calm, wild woodland which dates back to the Second World War. You will then immerse yourself into a botanical heaven.

The Harbour Lights, Ocean Village


What once used to stand out in the premier marina is now surrounded by towering modern apartments (including some of our’s). Although surroundings have changed the ethos if this independent cinema hasn’t.

Not only does this single screen cinema host the blockbusters but something different from the arts. And why not munch to the movie, take your beer, and food in with you. Click above for more details.

If you have visited any of these places whilst staying in one of our Southampton serviced apartments let us know what you thought in the comments.

Nina Batley


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