No More Resolutions – Promise?


New Year’s resolutions are always hollow. The cliches are out and we all are made to feel bad. At the time the promises we make ourselves seem wonderful at the time; four weeks later down the line they are buried under into heap as big as a recycling bin full of wrapping paper.

Committing to little goals weekly are better. As we hurtle onto a new year make these your’s.

Have a clear out

Scroll through your mobile phone. You will be surprised about the amount of clutter there is on it. Take out the pictures you do not need, delete the texts/emails that mean nothing and get rid of the sings you just don’t play anymore. Having a ‘light’ phone means a light mind. It is like changing the bed sheets, always better when fresh.

How many of your friends on Facebook do you actually know? Delete them and keep the ones that you do.

Hit the gym, but only if you want too

Straight after Christmas we hit a storm of DVDs (who still buys them?) and truck loads of gym offers telling us how bad we have been after enjoying ourselves. Yes, being fit and healthy is important but do it when you want to. While 30 minutes of exercise maybe the the target guide line it is not always that easy; work, family etc.

Avoid a monthly Direct Debit gym membership unless you are serious. Look for those gyms that do a pay as you go session or why not try various boot camps in your area that are not just fun but engaging and you make new friends. Tough Mudder competitions across the UK will certainly put a smile on your face as well as the mud.


When you are in the same old routine is it easy to forget that there is a world out there just waiting to be discovered. Find a map, take a pin, shut your eyes and see where you could end up. OK, maybe the inner Arctic circle could be a logistic issue but the point is go somewhere new. Travel somewhere new, if only for the weekend. It could be as simple as trying out a new coffee shop a few miles from your house.

Family & Friends – Funerals are good

The only ‘F’ words you will need in your life. There were frequent occasions in my life where I only got to see my family and friends at funerals. After the third one in a year something had to seriously change in my life. As you get older we all worry about the outcome, the key is to make the most of now. Call that friend you have not spoken to for ages, meet for coffee with that person who has constantly said on Facebook, ‘We should meet soon!’. Don’t just write it – do it. Funerals can be a sad moment in our life, they can also be seen as a way of acquaintance, renewal and contact.


There seems to be a point in life (around the 30 year mark) where you suddenly feel like a change. Perhaps the career path you are in has gone as far as you can go and it is time to move on. There is nothing wrong with that, it is how we make the next step out of our comfort zone that counts. For example the Open University give opportunities for distance learning, thus working around your own busy schedule. That feeling of completing that course – how good will it be.

Perhaps something as simple as doing a ‘barista’ course will not only give you something to take on but also appreciate good coffee. Try out a mechanics course so you can actually fix the car!

In essence this week promise yourself this: de-clutter, experiment, challenge yourself daily, eat & drink well, get out of your comfort zone. Life has just begun…

Ben Glover


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