‘Relationships’ at work can save you money. Get with a colleague. 

Relationships at work. They can be tricky. Although they can actually come in handy, especially when you are staying with us.

Have a think about the budget a company/organisation spends on business trips with overnight stays. Sometimes these nights turn into weeks and months. With serviced accommodation it makes sense to stay in one of our luxury properties.

At What Cost?

Each one of our properties range from 3 storey town houses to multi bedroom apartments. Your budget will instantly gain value for money as you pay PER property and not per person. That’s the kitchen (fully equipped), entertainment (TV/radio),  and en-suite facilities ALL included in the one price.

Think about it. A hotel room is just a room, often lacking in storage, noisy corridors and a kettle that is often the same size as a mug. Our accommodation is situated in affluent and desirable areas keeping noise pollution to a minimum. Sharing a serviced apartment is cost effective and good for business. Multiple hotel rooms are not good for the budget.

A Property with Benefits

Each Town or Country property in our portfolio is fully serviced by our Housekeeping team that will work to your schedule. So if you do not want to be disturbed we won’t. Checking out is flexible and extending your stay is a simple process. No stress.

Fast free Wifi is at your disposal ready to be soaked up by any laptop, tablet and smartphone, beneficial for meetings and preparing that all important presentation.

You will have plenty of time to relax in your own bedroom and not have to fight for the bathroom with many properties containing en-suites (you may have to toss a coin to see who gets that one).

Staying in one of our marina properties (Port Solent or Ocean Village) creates a relaxing vibe to the end of the day, especially when taking advantage of chilling out on the balcony when the weather is good.

Cooking for Two?

Not only will our fully equipped kitchens cater for the culinary chef in you but it will save a stack of money when it comes to dining expenses. We can stock up your fridge with a selection of food packs ready for your arrival.

Fancy getting out of the house? We have though about that too. Our exclusive Discount Card offers a vast range of bars/restaurants to choose from and again keeping the accounts department happy.

You can finally get together with a colleague in a ‘relationship’ your boss would approve of.



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