Serviced Accommodation v’s B&B


If you are a  contractor you may be used to touring the various bed & breakfast facilities across the country. They are very handy for that last minute job and of course the breakfast is always handy. The trouble is you never know what you are letting yourself in for or what you will get once you step inside. There is an alternative.

We all like value for money whether buying clothes, food or even a car. The same can be said when it comes to finding the right place to stay. B&B’s have their place but did you know that when it comes to serviced accommodation you can more for your money?


  • Communal lounge
  • Checking Out Time Limit
  • Location
  • Pay per person
  • Mini Bar
  • Cleaning Facilities extra
  • Wifi extra
  • Disabled facilities

Serviced Accommodation

  • Minimum of X2 double bedrooms with en-suite, separate bathroom facilities. Luxury bed linen supplied.
  • A fully equipped kitchen for cooking all meals including breakfast. We offer various food packs including Breakfast and can fill your fridge up prior to arrival.
  • A living space with comfortable sofas, entertainments systems with Freeview and dining area, perfect for a get together.
  • Checking out time limit that can be changed just by making one phone call to us. And if you need to stay longer we can sort this out for you.
  • Many of our serviced properties are located within reach of decent transport links and city centres.
  • Pay per property. So doubling up saves you money.
  • Our exclusive Discount Card offers money off restaurants, bars and even gyms within our property portfolio. Entertaining? Bring home the wine…
  • Cleaning and housekeeping service all included in the price. All properties are equipped with washing machines so get the washing done before you get home.
  • Our Wifi is fast and free. Bring your laptop…
  • We have properties that cater for all your needs

It makes sense to share an entire property with a work mate, saving money, giving better value and having peace of mind with us working to your schedule with no restrictions.


CLICK HERE for our properties to suit your needs.

Ben Glover


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