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00-whatsapp-tips-lead_stuff-1024x768.pngFor any lovers of the game of golf you would know that Europe have regained the Ryder Cup, 2018. (The only link I have ever had to the game is that attempting to get the ball through the windmill, up the ramp and over the bumps on a crazy course near the seaside).

However, it was the way that Europe won the event that really impressed. Team Captain, Rory Mcllroy, told the press it had nothing to do with diet, discipline or who had the best golfing jumper but What’s App. Each day the team would keep in touch with updates on how they were doing and swapping tips to improve. It was, for some, a  good platform for them to vent any frustrations putting them one step ahead of the game mentally. Thus gaining one over the US team and eventually winning the event.

This got me thinking; do you utilise the app to your benefit? Does your group or do your work colleagues need one? I have returned to study academically, I missed out first time around (I really was a day dreamer at school, always wondering what was beyond the hills of Dartmoor for me). My cohort set up a What’s App group instantly. It was a good way to keep up to date with everything, especially if you are a little unorganised; you can play off those strengths of those who have other skills in your squad.

As I get older you feel you need to be more private in life but the benefits of having a support network are positive:

  1. A chance to get everything off your chest. That nightmare day selling, the customer who is constantly proving hard work or perhaps you just need a confidence boost
  2. Knowledge is power, sharing links, photos and videos is a good way of gaining. Communication is always the key!
  3. Keeping it social…and professional. Having a group that can share the good times and the bad is a gain. You become there for each other, especially if off the field things are not so great.
  4. In this together. You have one goal and you can all be apart of that using the Whats App group.
  5. Security. Most of Whats App is encrypted and often means sharing sensitive info can be done safely. However, breaches do happen – be aware of any ‘leaks’ that you might not want anyone outside of the circle to share.

If used in the correct manner, the benefits of a group will certainly out weigh the negative and improve performance. And that has got to be the best hole in one.

Ben Glover

Content Creator/Social Blogger


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