We’ll Be There When It All Goes Wrong

You’ve spent your life’s salary on the best food, the decorations are so stunning that Oxford Street in London may as well go home and this year your Mum plus 5 have decided to turn up. But then. Disaster. The house gets a flood.


That is just one of the stories we had from a guest in previous years. We looked after the family at a time of year than it more full on than a Little Mix concert. Yet we got the family in, the fully equipped kitchen was put to full use and everyone had a Merry Christmas in their desirable, serviced house that catered for the whole family! (The huge, widescreen smart telly was perfect for when Elf came on).

We know things in life happen. We also know that the NHS does not shut down just for December 25th. One guest in 2017 had her life turned upside down. Her partner was rushed into specialist care just before New Year, and having lived in the north of the UK, had to move to the south coast to be with their loved one during treatment. Often the treatment was cancelled which meant an extension to the the let. We can accommodate for this.

When things go wrong, we can help. (We can’t do marriage counselling but we are pretty good at prioritising you!).

Consider us if you are:

  • Relocating for work
  • Have a house build that is overrunning
  • Are at one of the major Portsmouth/Southampton hospitals for treatment
  • Business opportunities
  • Conference and networking locality
  • Water sports or water based business
  • You are visiting family but just fancy your own space!

From studio to fully serviced properties, we have it all to make home not seem so far away.

For details of what we can do for you, get in touch today and click here Town or Country.


Ben Glover


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