Keeping Mentally Busy This Christmas

Xmas alone

Christmas. Most love it, some don’t. Make sure these five tips are followed to keep yourself busy, especially if traveling solo anytime this season.


There is a lot to be said for giving up your time, even more so at this time of the year. There are many charities that would love your time this fall. The Salvation Army, Oxford street run a Christmas dinner service. Or why not hand out toys to the children’s ward at the local hospitals? There are plenty of events on Facebook this December.

Buddy Up

Travelling alone can takes its toll, Christmas and being away from home is not exception. There are plenty of social events leading up to December 25th, including professional networks.

The Health & Wellbeing Hub, University of Southampton, offers you the chance to make connections and bag a mince pie in the process.

Or find out who near you is elderly and on their own this Christmas. You will make somebody’s day.


The ‘e’ word at this time of year often gets parked into a sweaty locker until January. By taking a walk, jog or making the most of our stunning location on the south coast, thirty minutes a day is perfect for the mind and body.


  • Southampton and Southsea Common
  • Queen Victoria Country park, Southampton
  • Port Solent marina, Portsmouth
  • Ocean Village marina, Southampton
  • The New Forest (all of it!)

Make The Most Of Your Space

Your serviced property is so spacious that guests are always welcome. Whether it’s the other half, your pet pooch or the entire family, our properties are fully equipped to take the strain.

You’ll find all the pots and pans in the cupboards, the ironing board is usually in the hallway and of course the fridge is ready to pack in the booze. Working right up until the big day? We can fill your fridge with our food packs on arrival.

Netflix and Spill

Our fast and free WiFi ensures you have the best entertainment at your finger tips this festive season. Whether you are using the finest of our in-house entertainment systems or downloading to your tablet, you will get the chance to watch Elf (December 16th, ITV BTW) whilst supping on a nice glass of something bubbly.



Ben Glover


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