Is Your Head Held High?


There I was, sat on the loo and reading the latest trivia from my social network feeds. Some funny videos of animals, one dad dancing to the disgust of his daughters at The Vamps concert and the usual self indulgent quotes aimed at someone or-other. Then, it suddenly dawned on me, the reason for the neck ache over the years.

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you pushed your shoulders back and held your head high? Shortly after I walked into the local town centre and left my phone on my pocket and did just this. What a strange feeling! It was just like that moment in the movie Wall:E; when the overweight people of earth, all sat in their chairs, had discovered the use of their muscles. And that is what we are heading towards.

If you look about a busy shopping centre, chances are you’ll see necks that are stooped with eyes glued to the smartphone, whilst you play ‘dodge the shopper’. Our posture is important and when the body gets used to something it becomes a habit. Muscle memory is a magnificent thing that we cannot explain. Once broken out of the same routine and by looking upwards and ahead it feels good. Think about it, you never look down all the time when you are in full blown telephone conversation.

Smartphones are a phenomenal invention that we just cannot live without. They are slowly taking over many minutes per hour of our lives, affecting nit just the mental aspect of us by physical also. If we let it go too far neck ache will lead to back ache, to spinal issues, to ending up in our beds.

Follow these tips to avoid the pain:

  1. Hold your smartphone or device ahead of you when using it. By keeping your neck in line and eyes ahead this will improve posture down the spine. Use your thumbs and index fingers when texting.
  2. Stretching regularly will contribute to good posture. It will contribute to your well being by reducing aches and pains, even headaches.
  3. Stand up and have a little shake off/walk, approx every 20 minutes. 
  4. Sit up straight on the loo, thus avoiding two red patches on the knees.

Ben Glover


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